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Puma x Marc Hayden

Collaboration , Photography, Illustration

Collaboration with Photographer Marc Hayden UK. 

Puma´s  influence can be felt in the sports and sports lifestyle industries till this day. The strength of PUMA’s brand? They draw from their unique heritage in sports and their high credibility in the latest lifestyle trends. The two creatives Marc Hayden and Helena Ravenne has just completed a new project. This Collaboration between the international Photographer Marc Hayden and Illustrator Helena Ravenne tries to capture the spirit of Puma and interpret it in a new way. Both worked with clients like Adidas, Redbull and other well-known brands. The flair of the modern street lifestyle Photography combined with a minimalistic language of color and form is interpreted by the brand image of the world’s leading sports brand.


Photography: Marc Hayden

Illustration: Helena Ravenne

Styling: Holly Maya

Agent: Boutique Artists

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