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Illustratorin Hamburg, Regensburg, Designerin

Selected Client list:

Adidas x Girls Are Awesome/ Aarke/ Alnatura/ Amazed/ Bon Parfumeur/ BOSCH Home Connect/ BRIGITTE Begreen/ Cosmopolitan/ Douglas/ Eltern Magazine/

Flow/ Frosta/ Femtastics/ Female Company/ Gruner+Jahr/ Hej Cosmetic/ Instagram/ Mutabor/ tiny thoughts/ Staedtler Stiftung/ Redbull/ Sunday of London/ TerredesFemmes/ Viva Scandinavia/ Winkel van Sinkel/ Womanly Magazine/ LIVING AT HOME/ LYS Vintage/ Tecis/ Quadrille Publishing/Zalando/

Helena Ravenne Langer is an illustrator based in Hamburg,Germany. Her work has a clean aesthetic, whilst being colourful, minimalistic, graphic and geometric with an affinity for a playful feel. The Scandinavian simplicity and minimalism are important characteristics of her personal style. She studied Design and Illustration at the Institute of Technology in Nuremberg. 


The majority of her illustrations are available to licence. If you would like to work with Helena, whether it be a collaboration, freelance work or have any requests regarding her work, please don’t hesitate to say moin/ hi / goddag and get in touch. 

Recent Exhibitions

2021 Optiker Schneider, Germany

2020 Korridoriale,Germany 

2019 Lys Vintage Fineartprints x Totebag Release,Germany

2018 MohnoMag Exhibition x Niko Singer/adidas,Germany

2018 Equinox x Bitpallmag The Gallery Space, Australia

2018 tapir&klotz, Chance Enfants Artspace, Germany

2017 Designers Night, Germany

2017 Exhibition, The Commune, Australia

2017 Spektakel, Vienna, Austria


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