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Artwork La Mela

 Illustration, Graphic Design, Vinyl Design

Minimalistic Artwork illustration for the band 'La Mela'.

La Mela and also the first "Apple Pie" album began with a promise made to a girl named Alice (to whom the album is dedicated) that he would make her an apple pie. All we can say is Mauro Da Re took the promise very seriously. The Italian musician, of “A Big Silent Elephant”, "Caniggiah" and “Beyza and the Man With His Broken Piano” recruited a group of talented musicians and friends to join him in the venture: Homesick Suni (Matteo Pin, former member of Lay Lamas), Charles Wallace (Marco Zuccaro), William (former member of Lay Lamas) and Krano (Vermillion Sands, Piramide di Sangue, etc.). Playing together under the name of “La Mela” (meaning “the apple”), they produced six lo-fi folk ballads. Now La Mela have released various album ("regnbogen", "Be a Bee", "Diamonds" and the new upcoming album "Honey for Nothing") also a full band for the live gigs with the help of a a new Drummer (Andrea Da Dalto) and bass player (Roberto Da Dalt)